Our People

Bobbie Rupp

Bobbie Rupp does not have professional or long-standing dance experience. She started her first social dance class a few years ago and found joy in the movement and people. Bobbie became a dance organizer and has been referred to as a “dance ambassador” as she worked to join groups, studios, and dancers for a more collaborative experience for all. Her goal is for dancers to have a connected community and safe environment to grow their skills and friendships. Bobbie has an interest in promoting youth dance to individuals who would not have financial access to formal lessons. She firmly believes that dance for youth can help with a myriad of conditions, promote social interaction, and increase self-esteem and comfort with body movement.

Bobbie is a very active parent, grandparent, Realtor, and community volunteer. She enjoys dancing, hiking, reading, cooking, traveling, and dabbling in creative projects.