PIVOT Program Matinee for Schoolchildren — Gaspard&Dancers




at 10:30-11:30 AM

Ent Center for the Arts

The Dance Alliance is proud to offer schools in our region the chance to bring Middle and High School students to a live professional dance performance at the Ent Center for the Arts during school hours through our ticket-access program PIVOT.

What does the PIVOT program offer?

  • Subsidized bus service up to $300.
  • Reduced price tickets for students – $10/child, (title I schools-$5/ticket)
  • An optional pre-performance visit to the school to prepare students for their live-performance experience.
  • A Q&A with the Artists following the performance.

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About Gaspard&Dancers

The Durham, North Carolina-based Gaspard&Dancers is a contemporary group of artistically and athletically gifted dancers. Gaspard Louis collaborates closely with those dancers to create works that marry playful physicality with lyrical, athletic partnering. The result: works of haunting beauty and emotional force. Critics have described the dancers’ quality of movement as “exuberant,” “organic,” “buoyant,” and “floating with natural ease.” Since 2009, the company has performed Louis’ works in public performances across North Carolina, New York City, and internationally. He has a particular knack for creating movement that can be enjoyed by folks new to dance and by dance aficionados alike.